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1kw high cost performance solar panel for home electricity

This solar panel system configuration is for reference. It can be adjusted based on actual condition and requirement. All parts have been tested and proven in actual operation with enough reliability and stability. It’s suggested to source whole system as a pack from us to guarantee the system compatibility.  


Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Anern

Model Number: OFF-SGHP-1000W

Specification: Normal

Application: Home

Output Voltage (V): AC110V/220V

Load Power (W): 1000W

Solar Power (W): 1000W

Work Time (h): 24 hours

Solar Panel Type: Crystalline silicon PV module

Rated Ouput Power: 1000W

Rated DC Voltage: 24V

Grid Input Voltage: AC165-275V

Inverter Output Voltage: AC220V±5%

Solar Input Max Voltage: DC42V

Battery: 4pcs*12V/150AH per piece

Solar Panel Rack: 1 set

Cables: 50m

Keywords: solar panel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Export standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.

Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 15 days after payment

solar panel Specifications:

Ref No.


System Basic Information

Solar Panel Rated Output Power: 1000W

Solar Power for Daily Consumption: 4000WH

Allowable Max Loads Power: 1000W

Solar Panel

Crystalline Silicon PV Module solar panel , 250W*4pcs


DC24V input, AC220V/110V 1-phase output, 50/60Hz;

Rated Output Capacity: 1000W 
Pure sine-wave output, off-grid with grid power switch type, with transformer.


PV Charging Controller 24V 40A;
PMW charging type, LCD display, intelligent control.
Temperature compensation; Protections: short circuit, deep discharge, input surge voltage, over current


4pcs*12V/150AH per piece

Solar Panel Rack

Flat-roof type mounting rack
including complete fittings

(Other types of racks can be customized as per client's requirement)




1 set




 Solar panel Features:

1.Off-grid solar power system is mainly used for application with relatively-small power consumption, and the areas have no grid network coverage.

2.This solar power system needs a battery bank to store the electricity.  

3.All the loads shall fully rely on the battery bank for power supply. 


The working process

Solar panels with the help of the sun's light to convert solar energy into electricity, through the controller to load power supply, to the battery charging at the same time;Battery can be directly to dc load power supply, or through the inverter to ac inverter, power supply to ac load.


Solar panel Advantages:
1. solar power system operation can automatically control and manual control modes.

2. Easy installation, energy saving (saving coal and petroleum resources, reduce pollution / noise emissions); do not need to lay long-distance transmission lines, do not build large substation, system stability, less maintenance, low maintenance cost, daily / each month / year electricity clearly visible, and can be entered into the computer record.

Year Established:2009

Business Type:

Management Certifiation:

Operational Address: F101, No. 203, Kezhu Road, Science City, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)