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Solar Controller

Solar Controller
The solar controller is able to control battery charging and discharge,protection battery and load.

Supply Ability : 100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Model Number : SO-D
Application : Charger Controller
Rated Voltage : 12V
Maximum Current : 50A
Colar : Black
Display : LCD


Solar Controller
The solar controller is able to control battery charging and discharge,protection battery and load.

 Features and Functions:

1. Adopte industrial degree MCU SCM and specially software, reach intelligent control.
2. PWM charging control mode, charge in high efficient.
3. Battery reverse connection, over-voltage and low-voltage protection.
4. Load outout resume, output over-current and output short-ciruit protections.
5. Solar panel short-circuit protection
6. Battery open circuit protection
7. High precision voltage recognition function.
8. LED idication for battery capacity


Battery management function:
1. Over-charge protection and over-discharge protection ensure the normal using and prolong the life battry.
Temperature compensation function:
Auto, adjust the setting data of battery management program control parameters to avoid the battery"under-voltage" in winter and: Over-charge"in summer.


1. Connections all parts correctily according to the following drawing, to be sure polarity is right.
1. Connecting to the controller: Connect the battery first, then connect the solar panel, finally connect the load
2. Disconnect from the controller: Dissconnect the load, first the solar panel, finally disconnect the batteries
3. When connect the lines, mark sure the: +"and"-" are not reverse connected.
4. Do not connect the line of battery to the solar panel terrminal

Status Indication

1. If the connections are correct, the number of red LED will show correct battery capacity, the output indicator(POWER OUT see left image)will light on.
2. The LED will light in cycle during charging status(25%-100%)
3. All the LED will stop shinning and light on when the battery is fullu charged.
4. In over-discharge status, LED(25%) will be flashing quickly to warm the user to charge the battery at onec.
5. Output indicator light on or out, shows that output has or do not have.

 Status Indication

 Solar Controller


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