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Transformer Oil

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For transformer oil after hydrogenation, the total naphthenic hydrocarbon content is almost the same as naphthenic base transformer oil.

Comparison of composition in naphthenic of transformer oil(measured by gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer)


Hydrogenated transformer oil No.25

Naphthenic base transformer oil No.25

Hydrogenated transformer oil No.45

Naphthenic base transformer oil No.45

Total naphthenic hydrocarbon,%





 Operating under extremely low temperature or temporary stopping in winter, transformer shall be able to prevent floating ice in oil to the most extent. The floating ice won′t affect operation of transformer. However, when temperature rises, the floating ice will become liquid water after melting, If the water flows to electrode zone, it will obviously reduced breakdown voltage to cause discharge danger. Under 0°C and one atmospheric pressure, density of pure ice is 917kg/m³,which actually will change among range of 880kg/m³-920 kg/m³.The larger density difference between transformer oil and floating ices, the easier control the appearance of floating, Generally, density of transformer oil shall be no more than 895 kg/m³ under 20°C. With higher carbon and hydrogen ratio in alkane of floating. Generally, density of chain, so density of naphthenic base transformer oil is slightly higher. However, SINOPEC transformer oil manufactured on the basis of hydrogenation maintains the advantage of low density, which ensures use safety under low temperature.  

 Because transformer oil is used for heat transmission rather than lubrication, the  transformer oil with tower viscosity better while ensuring flash point and other safety indexes. The lower the viscosity,  the better fluidity of oil for heat transmission. In addition, transformer oil should also provide lower low-temperature viscosity, which ensures transformer oil can be normally activated after stopping in cold winter. SINOPEC transformer oil provides proper high-temperature viscosity and good low-temperature viscosity benefiting heat transmission and low-temperature startup.

 The transformer oil manufactured by hydrogenated base oil not only maintains good electrical property and other quality advantages of solvent refining transformer oil, but also eliminates pour point difference with naphthenic base transformer oil, and provides more advantages than naphthenic base oil on density, flash point and oxidation stability etc.

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